The sanctity of Bint Eve in the Holy Land?

For the past four years, these days of the year have always been difficult for me. I remember sitting under the lone mango tree on my lawn in Lahore after the rain and drinking afternoon tea with my family. I remember enjoying fresh mangoes from the orchards of Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur and spending time with the children in the evening on the rain-soaked streets and food streets of Lahore.

It doesn’t rain here in a foreign country at first, if there is a shop, it is so colorless and tasteless that you don’t ask. Buy first class mangoes at as high a price as you want, but they can’t even call a tenth of their fresh juicy sweet mangoes. Dubai is a city of colors, lights and tall buildings, but Corona has lost all its charm. Even if you have to meet your compatriots or like-minded people at the celebrations, everyone participates in the conversation from a distance of one meter. And then if our hearts are miles away, it doesn’t matter if they are ground distances or not.

Today has been a frustrating day for me as I scrolled through the Twitter wall and was struck by a very painful but terrifying video.

The video was of a woman who was abducted from her office in broad daylight on August 14, when we were all celebrating independence, and was subjected to the worst torture in a week’s imprisonment. Police recovered from the fields.

Unfortunately, such incidents happen every day in our country, but why did I call this video painful and horrible?

The woman’s hands and feet were tied. When he was rescued, a rope was tied tightly around his mouth, which, when opened, made him look unconsciously trying to utter some broken words. What was she saying To understand this, I watched the video over and over again and found that he had spoken only two sentences in a broken tone. One is that I am a lawyer and the other is to cover my head with a dupatta.

Yes ladies and gentlemen! This open oppression and injustice was with a woman who is licensed by the state to speak out against the oppression of others. To get justice for others, she licks her shoes every day in the narrow corridors of the court and in the corridors filled with the smoke of betel-packed cigarettes.

The eyes are said to be the windows of the brain. The terror, the fear, the dread in this woman’s eyes is still rolling before my eyes. I don’t know what will happen to him.

If a lawyer, a lawyer is not safe in this country, then who is safe?

If the one who fights for the rights of others can be made a symbol in this way, then what are the times of a common man?

And then a woman, under whose feet is heaven, who is also a mother, a daughter, a wife and a free citizen of this country.

Shouldn’t we send our daughters to school, college, university?

In this expensive and difficult situation, if they are forced to go out for a job to reduce the burden of the house, we should not send them out, maybe the beasts are roaming outside openly?

Tell me which parents will allow their daughters to study law after watching this video?

There is a lot to write, but finally I remember the last few lines of my poem written a few years ago for two innocent brothers Muneeb and Maghith from Sialkot.

Find out some of those beasts
Let their souls sob
Give them such a severe punishment
Or from the books of justice
The word humanity

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