How to avoid environmental pollution

Thousands of years ago, people used to travel on foot. In other cities or remote areas, people used to travel in caravans on foot. At that time, there was no riding. Later, the journey started again with horses, camels and other animals. After that, as time went by and people were looking for the best and today people are starting to travel in hours.

How to avoid environmental pollution

But in the past there were no diseases. Now that it is the time of speeding and every fast ride uses fuel petrol, where we have become accustomed to speeding, new diseases are also emerging. Obviously. Riding gasoline pollutes the atmosphere when it goes into the air, and today environmental pollution affects health and enters our bodies through respiratory damage.

Three or four decades ago, there were different types of petrol, one was super, the other was regular and the third was called high octane. Regular petrol was for scooters and motorcycles. The smoke from it was harmful to health.

Fuel-powered vehicles emit black smoke Large vehicles including trucks, buses, wagons, rickshaws, motorcycles and motorbike rickshaws are adversely affecting our health. These vehicles need to be controlled as soon as possible. The engines have responded but the ride owners do not pay attention to it. While the government is trying its best to control the environmental pollution, it is not enough to blame the government alone. It is the job of the people as well as the government.

Only the people and the government can solve the problems together. In the current era when development work has started, the biggest task is to control environmental pollution.

The present government is emphasizing the need to control pollution from Pakistan. One way to achieve this goal is to provide clean fuel in vehicles and other vehicles. Recently, Pakistan State Oil started importing Euro 5 petrol. Which is a clean alternative to the current offer.

PSO will first import Euro 5 petrol from Kuwait Petroleum Corporation so that it can test its commercial functioning in Pakistan. Furthermore, the Petroleum Division has informed OMC for import of petrol as per Euro 5 standard. They will have to follow this principle for petrol by early 2021-10.

Local refineries are unable to meet the growing demand. Pakistan also gets petrol and diesel from Kuwait on deferred payment. PSO and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation are both state-owned companies. Pakistan has Euro 2 petrol and diesel by the end of 2020. Import agreements are already in place. If PSO can successfully import and sell Euro 5 petrol in Pakistan, it will put this country ahead of many other countries in the world.

The use of clean fuels has to be adopted. In recent years, the low quality of fuel in Pakistan not only causes pollution but also causes problems for vehicles. The Prime Minister had hinted last year that in the near future. Pakistan will start using better fuel group. Low quality fuel also stops Catalytic converters in cars.

Currently, Euro 6 is the best and highest fuel available in the world. Seeing this, Euro 5 grade fuel is a big step in the right direction for Pakistan.

During cold weather, major urban areas of Pakistan face severe smog and air pollution. This smoke causes a number of health problems. Pollution from road traffic The overall standard of air pollution in the country is very high. Extremely helpful.

Controlling pollution through a good fuel supply will benefit everyone. Amid protests and resistance from the oil industry, the government has banned the import of petrol and diesel below Euro 5 standards from August 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021, respectively. This has led to another controversy in the oil industry and the authorities, as both sides have already laid the groundwork for a way to fix petroleum prices and restore 20-day shares, which has led to recent months. I have a severe supply disruption.

The oil industry has been reluctant to abide by the latest guidelines, especially because of such a brief notice and has warned that the price per liter is Rs 7-8 and سال 200 million in foreign exchange annually. It said the country’s fleet of motor vehicles was not ready for such a standstill switchover.

The Directorate General of Oil of Petroleum Division provided details of all three grades of Petrol VK Euro (Ron 92, 95 & 97) and asked the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) for oil. One week ago, the Federal Cabinet was informed of the decisions of the Cabinet Committee on Energy, June 4, approved by the Office of the Federal Cabinet on 23 June (CCoE), the V and iV of high-speed diesel to implement these features of the industry. Were made.

Whether they are paying for high-quality original products or not, it also states that all diesel imports will be in line with Euro 5 from January 1, 2021. Attempts to import Euro V in the transitional period However, under the long-term agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, in case of non-supply, Euro IV specified diesel will be imported.

The current method for marketing diesel and petrol will prevail. The current price formula will continue, ie EuroV diesel and EuroV diesel based on premium, freight and incidental charges in addition to the five-lane debt for petrol and petrol. The five-day average Plate of Arabian Gulf (MOPA) for PS and the price of diesel and petrol will be based on the actual landed import price of VG imported Euro

The pricing procedure for local refineries for the manufacture of diesel and petrol will be based on the PSO’s original Landed Import Euro Diesel and Petrol Price Current Exercise V Difference Dissolution Sulfur content for petrol as per RON This penalty also allows import and locally manufactured grades by refineries and OMCs to be merged and matched so that the product at the distribution level The overall details could be improved.

The oil industry has called on the government to adopt a phased introduction of the first Euro IV specification, as other countries have allowed the development of a strong and reliable supply chain.
Preventing consumers from shocking prices, better understanding of the additional environmental benefits, adjusting the current vehicle population to a new specification, and allowing local refineries to now be graded through capital investment. The industry also faces challenges of product availability. Facing for which supply FOR Euro. It will take three to six months to make arrangements for the new details of the import of VK.

How to avoid environmental pollution

Even government-run PSOs needed at least 60 days’ notice to arrange the product. The industry believes the move will put a lot of pressure on OMCs at port, depot and retail storage and logistics. There will be more impact on the level of shops which requires close supply and smooth process of uninterrupted close consideration of the distribution network. According to the oil industry, Pakistan currently needs 70 to 80 petrol PCs in the Arabian Gulf, regional refiners. And meets imports from blenders.

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