The whole country is suffering, the rulers don't care, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Awam Pakistan Party convener Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the whole country is suffering but the rulers do not care, most of the people sitting in the current assembly have lost the election, which is the country of milk. But what will he do next year if he taxes? Farm 47 cannot build a country, inflation is skyrocketing but no one cares about it, today we all sit as spectators.

Addressing the launch ceremony of Awam Pakistan Party in Islamabad, the former prime minister said that the rulers do not care about the country. There is no political stability in the country, nor is there any economic stability in sight. The poor man is worried due to rising inflation, he never thought that the country would be in such a condition.

We did not form a party to get power. They are not seeking power at any cost.

Power is blessed to other parties. But the question is whether their power gave anything to the country, to the people. Ready-made parties are formed in Pakistan, but we are not among them. Awam Pakistan is an unconventional political party. After weeks, the solution to the problems faced by the country will be presented to the people. We have to understand that the problems of the country should be reduced instead of increasing. Political stability is necessary for economic stability and development.

There will be people in our party who will give something to the country. There will be no takers. Takers do not make a country. The country runs on those who have the ability to give something. All assemblies presented budgets but no one cares why children are out of school. One percent of the GDP is being spent on health. Awam Pakistan Party convener Shahid Khaqan Abbasi further said that there should be people who do not seek seats for power.

They did not invite any of the people who are sitting on the stage at that time. The people on the stage have come themselves and want to make Pakistan difficult. They said that electables are a part of politics but every electable is not acceptable. It should be better in front of, those whose reputation is not good, they will not be part of Awam Pakistan Party. The problems faced by the country are discussed and accountability is discussed. Accountability should lie with those who tax the people. They cannot stop smuggling in the country but tax milk.


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